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Welcome to my personal handbook. This handbook is a reference for all of my learnings across all areas of life.

Why use a handbook?

There are several reasons why I use a handbook to organize my learnings:

  1. Single Source of Truth - This handbook acts as a single source of truth (SSOT). It centralizes my learnings into a single repository that is standardized and easily consumable. Previous to this, I used various notebooks, apps, and other artifacts which were scattered and unorganized.
  2. Scalable - This handbook allows me to scale. In a world of information overload, my memory's limited capacity simply can't keep up -- I often have to make room for new things by forgetting old things. I solve for this by writing things down and simply knowing where to reference information when needed -- in computing terms, my brain works best as a processor of information rather than a data store.
  3. Compounding - This handbook allows me to build upon my existing learnings. Rather than having to start from scratch each time, I write things down and revisit it over and over making minor improvements as I learn more (i.e. iterative learning).

Why make it public?

A lot of my learnings have come through open methods of learning such as blog posts, YouTube videos, open-source code, etc. I've decided to make the majority of my handbook public with the hope that someone else might find it useful. Transparency has its tradeoffs but I think overall there's a net benefit to sharing learnings. My aim is to keep about 80% of the content public.


This handbook is made up of several sections which map to all the different areas of life:

Section Topics
Health Physical Health, Mental Health
Finances Income, Expenses, Savings, Debt, Taxes, Investing
Relationships Family, Friends, Community
Work Operating, R&D, G&A, GTM
Experiences Activities, Travel, Food, Language

In addition to these, I also have sections for Writing and Planning.