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Using GitLab Development Kit (GDK)

Access the database using a GUI

If you want to access the GDK Postgres database using a GUI like Metabase, follow the instructions listed here: https://docs.gitlab.com/ee/development/database_debugging.html#access-the-database-with-a-gui:
- Run gdk config set postgresql.host localhost
- Then gdk reconfigure

This will update your database.yml settings to:

-    host: /Users/username/dev/gitlab-org/gitlab-development-kit/postgresql
+    host: localhost

Note that you may need to run bundle exec rake db:reset RAILS_ENV=development to drop and recreate your tables along with gdk reset-data. You may also need to manually create any missing databases using a command such as createdb -O jeromezng praefect_development.

Update: After a bit of troubleshooting I wasn't able to get this working. Services such as Praefect were still relying on a Postgres Unix socket rather than Postgres from the localhost configuration. I decided to take another approach and instead access Postgres using the VSCode extension.