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Engineering Management

I believe the goal of an engineering manager is to build a world-class engineering team. In this article, I break down the responsibilities of an engineering manager and provide pointers of what to focus on.

It roughly boils down into three parts:
- Product - Build a product users love
- Retention / NPS: Tell their friends about it
- Revenue: Willing to pay for it
- People - Build a high performing team
- Collaborative: Values driven culture
- Motivated: Focused on learning and excellence
- Speed: Highly efficient team
- Technology - Build robust systems.
- Simple: Ease to understand
- High Quality: Free from bugs and security issues. Resilient

Providing Clarity and Alignment

It's also important that your team understands how your company makes decisions. For example, Amazon's decision making framework focuses on reversible decisions which can be made quickly with 70% of information versus irreversible decisions which require a slower and more deliberate process. Gitlab's decision making framework focuses on taking the best of a consensus organization to gather data points and the speed of a hierarchy organization to make faster decisions.

Building a Culture of Collaboration

Running the Project Management Process

Providing Technical Leadership

Coaching and Mentoring Team Members

An engineering manager will typically have weekly one-on-ones with all of their direct reports. Here's how I approach my one-on-ones:


Bringing in the right people to join your team is one of the toughest jobs as a manager. The saying "hire slow, fire fast" resonates as you want to ensure each candidate goes through a thorough, deliberate, and unbiased interview process.

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